What is Million Birds of Hope? Million Birds of Hope is a campaign to sell one million bird ornaments in one year in an effort to raise money to help promote gender equality around the world. How does it work? aaharrison ceramics has committed to donate 50% of the purchase price of every little bird sold to World Vision to promote gender equality worldwide. Why support gender equality? Every day women and girls all around the world face hopeless, heartbreaking and dangerous situations like discrimination, abuse, even forced prostitution- simply because they were born female. Often times these practices are accepted by the cultures and communities they live in. World Vision is committed to promote gender equality through education, training, and funding programs that help integrate women into the workforce, rescue them from dangerous occupations and educate their communities to break the cycle of gender discrimination. Why a million birds? In 2010 a friend of mine passed away from cancer. Ever since then I have had in my mind the idea of making little birds as a memorial to my friend but also to raise money to help others who are hurting. One thousand birds was impressive but would not catch anyone’s attention. I knew it needed to be a number that sounded too huge to be overlooked and would require me to wholly devote myself to the cause. One million birds was too big to be ignored and had the potential of raising significant funds for the cause. How do I get involved? Million Birds of Hope was designed to be a community-sponsored campaign that allows everyone to take ownership and invest in the cause through the purchase of little birds and by promoting the cause through social media. So please, Like Million Birds of Hope on Facebook and invite your friends to Like it as well. Find the cause on Facebook at www.facebook.com/millionbirdsofhope
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