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get real At aaharrison ceramics we want you to stop buying junk just because you want stuff. We want you to think about your life and the interaction between you and the things around you. We stick to the motto, “finely, hand-fashioned.” Why do we care if something is hand-fashioned? Because handmade things are quality things. You have a quality life; you need quality things. Founded in Binghamton, NY in 2009, aaharrison ceramics was the vision of Aaron A. Harrison. Harrison was trained in classical fine arts at Houghton College and Marywood Univeristy. Within the realms of academia there was always the challenge to make big, exciting, and sculptural forms-which Harrison did and continued to do until 2010 when his focus began to shift back to daily functional items. A new mindset began to challenge the academic standard of fine art driven by the necessity to work smaller and more practical (four kids and a mortgage can do that!). But not content to make the standard off-the-shelf pottery that you find anywhere, Harrison looked for niche products that could address particular problems. This constant pursuit of unique and functional has developed aaharrison ceramics into a brand that is clean and refined, yet still handmade, with just a hint of whimsy to remind everyone that it is still just mud after all. When it has to be handmade, has to be unique, and has to work, then it has to be aaharrison ceramics. At aaharrison ceramics we strive to give you something different and exciting. It can be a daunting task, because how do you innovate with a material that dates back over 10,000 years and has the closest connection to humanity than any other raw material on the planet? Well, you just keep making stuff! Somebody famous once said something about 99% perspiration...he was right.
Yes, we really make that...by hand innovate We use clay because clay is stone and stone is permanent. We don’t try to make clay look like something else. Every piece from aaharrison ceramics shows the process and retains the character of pottery; characteristics that have defined civilizations and mankind. the story
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