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Don't just spend money, give money! A minimum of 50% of the purchase price goes to support World Vision in their efforts to promote gender equality worldwide. Every birdie sold gives hope!
Indigo Bunting Chickadee Cardinal Learn more about World Vision
$11 $11 $11
Oriole $11
Hanging Birdies Set of 6 $67
Goldfinch $11 Robin $10
Blue Jay $12
Nothing is more cheerful than a cute little birdie. Add a little happy flare to any space or occasion with a little birdie ornament. Whether it is a holiday, a wedding, a bookshelf or some empty desk space, there is a little birdie ornament to fit any need. Choose from hanging or table-top or contact us to create your own custom arrangement. You can have a birdie for each wedding guest or to stuff every stocking or create a curtain of birds to accent that needy space. Each birdie ornament is cast in durable stoneware and measures approximately 2.5 inches long and 1-1.5 inches tall.
Table Top Ornaments
Indigo Bunting $9
Chickadee $9
Cardinal $9
Table Birdies Set of 6 $55
Oriole Goldfinch Blue Jay
$9 $9 $10
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